Great British Chef’s ‘Summertime’ App for iPad/iPhone


When I first heard of the Great British Chefs’ app (I was linked to them in Facebook) I took the plunge and bought it and I was completely blown away.  The app is classy, sleek, and totally full of fantastic and achievable recipes by masters of their craft such as Marcus Waring; Pascal Aussignac; Nuno Mendes; Daniel Clifford, Tom Aikens and many, many, more!  Next came along the Festive version of the app with even more recipes to die for.  Now, Great British Chefs’ (in conjunction with Ocado) have created their ‘Summertime’ app with the proceeds donated to ‘Action Against Hunger’.  

The quality is HD and the pictures are glorious.  21 chefs have each contributed 5 recipes and with 105 stunning photo’s – one for each recipe – the VFM of this app is amazing.  I couldn’t recommend this more highly than giving 10 out of 10 stars.  

You can download the app for your phone or pad here: